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Introduction Of Company

JSC Atlantic China Welding Materials is a company whose shares are traded on the market reforms of the Chinese electric welding machine, a factory welding material of the first nationwide, known for brand “Atlantic” register in 1950.
The company produces solder Atlantic Vietnam’s two joint ventures in China – Vietnam and contribution established in Vietnam, the company was founded in 2002 under the investment license by the 24/GPDT Management Board of Bac Ninh Industrial Zone on 04 May 2002 and 07 went into production in October 2002.
The production capacity of the production company Vietnam welding current welding power of 15,000 tons / year. SX is the company’s main electric welding J421, J422.
JSC welding materials “Atlantic” on the production and consumption of 400,000 tons / year, more than 200 kinds of products with different product and is divided into 3 main groups: Welding Electrode, Welding and Welding flux. Welding of carbon welding rod, electric welding low alloy steel, stainless steel welding electrodes, welding nickel alloys, welding rod cover, cast iron welding electrodes, welding wire protective of gas MAG welding wire, MIG, and TIC, wire Automatic arc and cored wire: Welding flux of molten solder, solder solidification of the arc for stamping.
Welding Materials “Atlantic” high quality, reputable in the market, customers around the world the widely popular in key projects such as power plant boilers, pressure containing equipment, the nuclear industry, aerospace, bridges, boats, vehicles, petroleum, chemicals, hydropower, thermal power, metallurgy, high-rises, subways, large machinery, gantry Drilling at sea and military industry etc. … Products of Atlantic welding company has exported military industry etc. … Products of Atlantic welding company has exported to more than 50 countries and regions around the world . Our company has implemented the quality management system ISO 9001:2008, GB / T’s 19,001-2008 quality certification company Lloyd England (LRQA). Most of the products have been certified for welding materials of associations shipbuilding countries such as China Shipbuilding Association (CCS), Association of British shipbuilding Lloyd (LR), the Association of American shipbuilding (ABS), the Association of French shipbuilding (BV), the Association of German shipbuilding Lloyd (GL), Association of Norwegian shipbuilding (DNV), Shipbuilding Association of Japan (NK), and Vietnam Registry (VR) .
In 2008, Company Limited welding Atlantic Vietnam established a public-Atlantic Trading Co., Ltd import function of the electrode according to the needs of companies in the market that the company VN rods LTD Atlantic Welding Vietnam does not produce.
Currently in Vietnam, the company has provided for major projects such as LINAMA 691 companies, thermal power plant in Quang Ninh Thermal Power Plant in Hai Phong cement plant in Ninh Binh repressive conditions, plant Hebei Chemical fertilizer, special steel manufacturing plant Shengli, heavy industrial conglomerate Formosa Taiwan …
In China Products Company has provided the following major projects: the roof structure play Hong Kong Stadium, Nest stadium, the national theater in Beijing, Hong Kong airport, road undersea pipelines, hydroelectric Tam Diep ….