General Introduction

  • Co., Ltd. manufacture welding Atlantic Vietnam is a joint venture company between Vietnam and China, operating under the Law on Foreign Investment in Vietnam, Vietnam was established in 2002 with the operation time 40 years in the investment license of 24/GPDT-KCN-BN by the Management Board of Bac Ninh industrial Zone dated 04 May 2002 and 07 permits adjustment of 24/GPDC1-KCN-BN 27 07 years 2004.
  • Trading Name: Company Ltd manufactures welding Atlantic Vietnam.
  • Address: TS03, Tien Son Industrial Zone – Bac Ninh
  • Tax code: 2300226918
  • Account Number: 102010000234591
  • As a subsidiary of JSC welding materials “Atlantic” China, Company share welding materials “Atlantic” is a company whose shares are traded on the market, the reform established factory rods China welding, a welding material factory’s first Chinese famous brand “Atlantic” register in 1950.

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