Quality Certificate

Welding Materials “Atlantic” high quality, reputable in the market, customers around the world the popular widely used in key projects such as power plant boilers, pressure equipment containing , the nuclear industry, aerospace, bridges, boats, vehicles, petroleum, chemicals, hydropower, thermal power, metallurgy, high-rises, subways, large muscle equipment , rigs and marine industries etc. military Collectibles. Products of Atlantic welding company has exported to more than 50 countries and regions around the world. Our company has implemented the quality management system ISO 9002 quality certification company Lloyd England (LRQA). Most of the products have been certified for welding materials of dual united shipbuilding countries such as:
China Shipbuilding Association (CCS)
Association of British shipbuilding Lloyd (LR)
American Association of Shipbuilding (ABS)
The French shipbuilding agreement (BV)
Lloud German Shipbuilding Association (GL)
Norwegian shipbuilding Association (DNV)
Shipbuilding Association of Japan (NK)
Vietnam Register (VR)

Certificate of welding materials of shipbuilding association of water

Product Name








CHE40 2 2N 2 2 2 2
CHE42 3 3N 3 3 3 3
CHE421Fe18 2 2N 2 2 2 2
CHE56 3YH10 3,3Y,H15 3Y
CHE58-1 3YH5 3,3Y,H15 3YH5 3YH10 3YHHH 3YH5
CHF101/H10Mn2 3YM 3M,3YM 3YM 3YM A3YM III YM
CHF43/H08A 2T,3M 2T,3M 2T,3M 2T A2T,A3M II T/ III M

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