The Company’s Products

  • Electric Welding Products branded “Atlantic” of the company have over 12 different products, including carbon welding rods such as J421, J422, N46 …, welding nickel alloys, such as stainless steel welding rod E308 … characteristic properties of solder products are welded all the cracks, pieces between hulls, piers, buildings … it constitutes the core welding products and welding steel. Welding products known as good quality as you start welding electrode to ignite well after finished welding the weld must be smooth, leaving no cracks, not brittle because it is easy to brittle fracture.

  •      Items welding is a key item of the company, specialized welding products for heavy industry, is an important item, high quality, reasonable price should now have intensive products enter the market of most of the provinces North, Central and South. Our products have been used in the state-owned enterprises, the key works as the Pha Rung Shipyard, attracting companies, thermal power plant in Quang Ninh, Hai Phong Thermal Power Plant …

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